Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Steve, the baby and I took a trip down to the beach this past weekend to spend time with friends, to relax and celebrate a birthday (which is actually today, Happy Birthday, Mell!) Juliana was wonderfully cooperative; sleeping well, and adjusting to the new surroundings with lots of people and noise. She started cooing and smiling some this weekend, too. Something my friend Mellanie was able to capture on film. (Picture coming soon!)
We headed out to the beach on Saturday and were able to stay for a few hours. It was quite windy which was good for keeping cool in the shade, not so good for keeping our shade in place. But it worked out fine. Juliana sat in her car seat with the shade up and my light nursing shawl draped over the front to block some of the wind and sand. She was quite content for a good while, alert and looking around for a time and peacefully napping a bit later.
The rest of the vacation was spent visiting at the house and playing Rock Band. I was intrigued when I first heard of the game and this was really the first chance I'd had to play. Taking turns on the drums, guitar, and singing we all had a great time. (I can't wait to try the Beatles album, when you know the songs well it's easy to lose yourself in the game; rocking out on the drums, popping the guitar and belting out the lyrics.)
In all it was a wonderful, relaxing trip. It was great to spend the time with our friends and have a much needed break.


Margaret said...

Oh man, Juliana is getting so chunky! I love it. Glad you guys had a successful vacation; I'm sure the twins loved spending time with their grandparents, too.

BTW, did Mom and Dad tell you about when Katie and I popped in to visit yesterday? The kids went into full-on performance mode: Gabe ran laps around the living room, and Addie went straight for her microphone. Hilarious.

Jen said...

Oh, she is so pudgy and cuddly! Definitely out of the "newborn" and into "baby" stage. :)

It sounds like a great vacation! I'm so glad you two -- er, three -- had such a good break. And I'm kind of intrigued with "Rock Band"; what a hoot it would be to try that with you all!