Thursday, August 27, 2009

My new frontier

Yesterday Steve went to an auction to bid on some items for the restaurant. He was gone by 6am meaning yesterday was my first morning alone with all three kids. In the past week or so I have started waking an hour before the kids get up so I have a chance to get myself dressed and get a few things done before the day starts. Yesterday, however, all three kids were up an hour earlier than normal, taking away that opportunity. There was some frantic scrambling when we first came down because Gabe slipped through the gate before Addie and I made it downstairs. He found that the pantry was open and proceeded to begin the transfer of all the canned goods to the entertainment center. Worrying for their bare feet (if anyone remembers how I broke my toe a few months ago, this was it) I rushed to put them in socks and shoes. Add only a new diaper and that's how they stayed for the first hour of the morning. We ate a small breakfast and they watched their episode of Little Einsteins. Everything had calmed down. Or so I thought. In the course of the next 30 minutes the following happened:

*Sung to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas*

5 time outs for Gabe!
4 smacks and shoves
3 diapers in 5 (min)
2 clothing changes
and 1 really good taunting. "Tahm out, tahm out. no, no TV."

God was sending me some enormous graces yesterday because I stayed cool and didn't loose my temper or patience, all I could do was laugh at how absurdly frustrating the morning was.


Jen said...

...and now you have the ability to look back, be more confident of your ability to handle three kids, and to laugh at your absurd children.

I can just see Addie with her hands placed firmly on her hips taunting Gabe in her best bossy voice! Oooh boy.

Margaret said...

...and not only taunting, but doing it in nothing more than diaper and shoes. Ha!

What a morning. They won't all be like that, though, and thank heavens!