Thursday, August 20, 2009

Don't cry

As you've seen, Addie has a great interest in her baby sister. She's always watching and asking to help with getting the baby changed or take a bath (her favorite activity so far.) She's demonstrated several times her ability to, at least momentarily, calm Ana's fussing at times either by patting and shushing or placing blankets and giving kisses. I assumed this was a one-way interaction though, until yesterday morning. Juliana was laying on our bed when the kids came in to say good morning. Addie tripped over her brother and ended up knocking her head pretty hard on the desk. There were crocodile tears and loud crying until she looked over my shoulder and saw that Ana was crying, too. She slid off my lap, her face tear streaked and still whimpering, and crawled over to Ana to pat and shush her asking, "What's wrong?" The baby actually calmed down for a moment and Addie sat back on her heels, wiped her eyes and smiled.


Margaret said...

Meanwhile, Gabe's thinking, "Women. So emotional."

Gran said...

I've seen Addie with her "dolly". She used to throw it across the floor when she was tired of it - now she cradles it and wants a blanket wrapped around it; yesterday I showed her how to rock her dolly like I was rocking Ana.

She'll be a good mother some day.


Jen said...

Yeah, this just about kills me.