Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small Successes


1. The kids room is almost done! We've gone with a safari theme and it really looks great. The border is up, the kids each have a leaf canopy over their cribs, there are animal decals on the walls, and we just hung the mosquito netting tent last night.

2. Juliana is becoming a chub in record time. For her 2 week checkup the goal was for her to be back at her birth weight, 6lbs 10oz. She was 7lbs 5oz and pronounced wonderfully healthy.

3. This is actually coming two weeks late, but our first catering gig as The Brunch Box was a smashing success. People were blown away by the variety and portion sizes and our clients expressed an interest in having one of those suction tubes (like at a bank) set up between their building and ours.

Monday, July 27, 2009

How are you blessed?

Christine put up a great post about recognizing the blessings present in hardships. It's very easy to get run-down with the daily hassles and drudgery our lives can bring. Whether it's cleaning our houses, dealing with mountains of laundry, corralling rebellious and sometimes destructive children, or even the frustrations of cell phones that don't work and appliances on the fritz, it's very easy to forget that we have these very struggles because we are blessed.

I am blessed to have housework because it means my family has shelter and belongings. I am blessed with laundry because it means my family has plenty of clothes to wear. Sleep deprivation and never wearing clothing not covered in spit-up reminds me of the enormous blessing of a having sweet, healthy baby. Stepping on a toy or wiping crayon from the walls should remind me that I'm blessed to have children and that those children are learning and growing. And every time I drop a call on my cell phone, burn bread in the toaster oven or forget to DVR a favorite show I should remember that all these things are luxuries. How very ungrateful it seems to be angry and lose my temper because these blessings don't work perfectly 100% of the time.

I am working harder to be aware of these things every day and to thank the Lord for my small struggles. For through these struggles we can see how very blessed we are.

Today's brunch

Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Bread.
It's in the rising process right now, but every indication is that this bread will be delicious. For the meat and dairy eaters of the house, that is. Though I must say, any bread that requires aprox. 3.5 hours to make isn't going to be a breakfast staple in this house, hence our eating brunch today instead.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New title

Seeing as how Juliana makes five in this house, it was time to change the title of this blog.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Meeting Juliana

Born on July 7th, Juliana Rose came into the world at 11:27 am weighing 6 lbs 10 oz and measuring 18 inches long. These past 3 days have been hectic but also very joyous. She is utterly precious and thus far a very content and sleepy child. (I know the latter won't last long, but it's been nice during the transition home.) Her cry is quiet but high pitched and a little raspy (Steve says he thinks this must be what Kathleen Turner sounded like as a baby.) She looks so similar to Addie when she was born it's uncanny, just a beauty. She seems to have inherited some traits from her Aunts as well, her looong fingers from Aunt Jenny and toes from Aunt Margaret. This kid will scale trees one day....

The twins seem to be adjusting with almost no problems at all. They are both very interested in her, saying hello whenever she's brought into the room and kissing and patting her goodbye when they leave. The like to lean in close and gently point out her facial features and pet her baby fine hair. Today Addie brought out her baby doll (Dolly) and wrapped her in a blanket and carried her around everywhere. Mom was holding Juliana on her lap in the boppy lounger so Addie sat down on the couch with the boppy pillow and placed her blanket-wrapped dolly on top, asked for some milk to give her, patted her and put on her headband. When we eat Ana lays on the lounger behind us in the kitchen and Gabe always offers her his food. They haven't exhibited any hostile behavior or acted out at all. I think it helps that they have each other to play with, and since Steve is home and mom and dad have been here helping out there's always someone to give them attention.
Overall we couldn't have asked for a smoother transition and are so thrilled to have this new little girl in our lives.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Here we go!

I had a routine OB apt today and everything checked out wonderfully. I made my way home and spent the next hour playing with the kids, just having a good time. My water broke shortly after and we made our way to the hospital to be checked out. As of around 7:00 or so I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced with contractions coming every 2-3 minutes. Mt Dr walked in the room and laughed saying,"Didn't I just see you a few hours ago? You sure don't waste any time." He thinks I'll be in "rip-roaring labor" (wonderful phrase, no?) in 2-3 hours, so hopefully this labor will be smooth, quick, and easy. I ask for extra prayers as this night continues. We will keep our parents updated to spread the news, so the next time I post, it should be along with some pictures of our beautiful baby girl!

Our little cheerleader

Addie has always been our more vocal child. But recently, her soliloquies have increased not only in frequency but in length. Last night at dinner, Gabe made the sign for potty so I took him to the bathroom. He was a "big boy" and got to flush the toilet and wash his hands and exited the bathroom to claps and cheering from Daddy and Addie. Addie was especially excited for Gabe. As soon as he was back in his seat she looked at him with a big grin and wide eyes and said (something to the effect of),

"Gabo mameno es potty, es potty! Mah no eee bubbles! So na koh Bubbles! (meaning he washed his hands)
**wildly gesticulating arms**
Ees so Gake (Gabe) kose (close), ee kose (indicating he closed the door)! YAAAAAY!!"
**thunderous applause.**

Now repeat that. For five minutes.