Monday, July 6, 2009

Our little cheerleader

Addie has always been our more vocal child. But recently, her soliloquies have increased not only in frequency but in length. Last night at dinner, Gabe made the sign for potty so I took him to the bathroom. He was a "big boy" and got to flush the toilet and wash his hands and exited the bathroom to claps and cheering from Daddy and Addie. Addie was especially excited for Gabe. As soon as he was back in his seat she looked at him with a big grin and wide eyes and said (something to the effect of),

"Gabo mameno es potty, es potty! Mah no eee bubbles! So na koh Bubbles! (meaning he washed his hands)
**wildly gesticulating arms**
Ees so Gake (Gabe) kose (close), ee kose (indicating he closed the door)! YAAAAAY!!"
**thunderous applause.**

Now repeat that. For five minutes.


mell said...

oh, how i crave a video of that!!

Margaret said...

Ha!! Oh man, I can *completely* picture her doing this. I couldn't stop laughing. Hoo!

Jen said...

I love what an enthusiastic little girl she is. Intensely happy, intensely willful, just everything intense. And frickin' adorable.

hobbitmom said...

Brilliant transcription, Karen. I could totally see her. (Hear her, I mean.) Rrrrrrgh must smush!