Monday, July 27, 2009

How are you blessed?

Christine put up a great post about recognizing the blessings present in hardships. It's very easy to get run-down with the daily hassles and drudgery our lives can bring. Whether it's cleaning our houses, dealing with mountains of laundry, corralling rebellious and sometimes destructive children, or even the frustrations of cell phones that don't work and appliances on the fritz, it's very easy to forget that we have these very struggles because we are blessed.

I am blessed to have housework because it means my family has shelter and belongings. I am blessed with laundry because it means my family has plenty of clothes to wear. Sleep deprivation and never wearing clothing not covered in spit-up reminds me of the enormous blessing of a having sweet, healthy baby. Stepping on a toy or wiping crayon from the walls should remind me that I'm blessed to have children and that those children are learning and growing. And every time I drop a call on my cell phone, burn bread in the toaster oven or forget to DVR a favorite show I should remember that all these things are luxuries. How very ungrateful it seems to be angry and lose my temper because these blessings don't work perfectly 100% of the time.

I am working harder to be aware of these things every day and to thank the Lord for my small struggles. For through these struggles we can see how very blessed we are.


Margaret said...

Let's see: No piles of laundry, no sleep deprivation, no crayon on the walls, and I am *still* ungrateful when things don't go my way. You're not making me look very good. ;)

CygnetMommy said...

Also very nice thoughts! And how do you make a link out of my name??

janelle said...

i love this! you are an inspiration mama!!