Friday, July 10, 2009

Meeting Juliana

Born on July 7th, Juliana Rose came into the world at 11:27 am weighing 6 lbs 10 oz and measuring 18 inches long. These past 3 days have been hectic but also very joyous. She is utterly precious and thus far a very content and sleepy child. (I know the latter won't last long, but it's been nice during the transition home.) Her cry is quiet but high pitched and a little raspy (Steve says he thinks this must be what Kathleen Turner sounded like as a baby.) She looks so similar to Addie when she was born it's uncanny, just a beauty. She seems to have inherited some traits from her Aunts as well, her looong fingers from Aunt Jenny and toes from Aunt Margaret. This kid will scale trees one day....

The twins seem to be adjusting with almost no problems at all. They are both very interested in her, saying hello whenever she's brought into the room and kissing and patting her goodbye when they leave. The like to lean in close and gently point out her facial features and pet her baby fine hair. Today Addie brought out her baby doll (Dolly) and wrapped her in a blanket and carried her around everywhere. Mom was holding Juliana on her lap in the boppy lounger so Addie sat down on the couch with the boppy pillow and placed her blanket-wrapped dolly on top, asked for some milk to give her, patted her and put on her headband. When we eat Ana lays on the lounger behind us in the kitchen and Gabe always offers her his food. They haven't exhibited any hostile behavior or acted out at all. I think it helps that they have each other to play with, and since Steve is home and mom and dad have been here helping out there's always someone to give them attention.
Overall we couldn't have asked for a smoother transition and are so thrilled to have this new little girl in our lives.


Jen said...

EEEEEE!!! (oops -- I mean, "eeeeeee" *in a stage whisper*)

Karen, the photo of Addie kissing her sister will just about kill me.

I'm so glad the transition home has been so successful, too! Not to mention just freaking adorable. (Gabe offers her his food! Addie imitates you carrying her around! ACK!) I think you're right about much it must help the twins to have so many people around to give them attention.

Well, they've got a bunch of aunts who can't wait to shower ALL the children with tons of affection!

Margaret said...

....annnnd my head just exploded. Great.

Everything Jen said! Your family gets more adorable all the time!

Alissa said...

Karen- she is beautiful. And I heart her name. COngratulations!