Friday, August 28, 2009

A Little Link Love

Life lessons from finger painting; it’s the process, not the product. From On Simplicity.

Check out some awesome pictures of the Dawn Treader being built for the new Narnia film! From Under Her Starry Mantle.

I am anxious to try out this recipe for Ground Beef Pasties (though I'll use ground chicken.) They look delicious and easy to boot. Plus they freeze well! From Cooking During Stolen Moments.

I can hardly wait for Easter to try out these silk-dyed eggs, they're so beautiful! From Our Best Bites.

Check out this blog about a Mom's hobby of fixing up her daughters' hair. No, really. It's crazy. I hope Addie and Juliana don't expect things like this from me, I can do a ponytail and a straight braid. The end. From The Story Of A Princess And Her Hair.

How fun are these chocolate bowls?! I'm so finding a time to make these. From Gourmet Mom on-the-go.


Margaret said...

1. My former roommate used to make pasties a lot; they're great!

2. "Bad ties make good eggs." Hee!

3. That hair Web site: holy wow. Frankly, some of them are just too contrived for me; and can you imagine making the kids sit still long enough for you to do that every day?!

4. I think I remember seeing those chocolate bowls on a show like Death by Chocolate before. Put a scoop of ice cream in one, and your Dad's new favorite daughter.

mell said...

so the dawn treader looked amazing! that's how grand i pictured it in my head.

i am eager to try the ground beef (or chicken) pasties myself and add it to our round of recipes when we cook or try to come up with dinners for the week.

the silk-dyed eggs--if i had one (rather if daniel had one), i'd like to see a carolina tar heel egg, logo and mascot and all. of course, i don't know if i'd be willing to sacrifice the tie... ;)

the hair looked amazing. how do people do that? i'm with karen. ponytails, half-ponytails, clips. that's the extent of my hairdo knowledge.

i actually want to try the chocolate bowls. with ice cream in 'em, they wouldn't melt...well, until you ate 'em.

Karen said...

Mell, I'm interested to see what cheap ties we can find at Goodwill, there may even be a Tarheel one!

Yeah, some of the hair was just way out there. Some of them were awesome though, I really loved the hair headbands and ribbon weaving. Not that I'll ever have a time to practice, it's all I can do to get a headband on that child.