Monday, August 24, 2009

Jump Around

The kids had a blast playing at Bounce-U on Friday. It took them a while to get up the courage to go down the big slide but after the first few rides with mommy and daddy, they were hooked. The video also shows their first experience with a water fountain.
There was lots of laughing and giggling but because of the noise of other kids and constant drone of the fans it's very hard to hear on the video. They wore themselves out though, and took a three hour nap that afternoon.
We love this place!!

*Sorry some of the footage is so shaky, it's hard to stay still sitting inside one of those things!*


Margaret said...

Real quick, since the video is cut off here, I just went to one of your old videos, followed its link to OneTrueMedia, then pulled this one up under "other videos by Karen" so I could watch. The link is here, in case people want a shortcut:

But most importantly, that's a GREAT video. They are so danged cute! I loved watching Gabe tear it up at skeeball -- and Addie perpetually fall over in the bouncer. We need to take all the kids there again when we're next home!

Karen said...

I fixed the video link on the blog (so you don't have to redirect.)

It really was an absolute blast, Steve and I had a great time, too. Mom decided to come visit us at the last minute and was there keeping an eye on Juliana, it really worked out well.

As a side note, you can buy a pass for 5 visits for $35 (each child), so anyone thinking about Christmas, this would be great. heh. ;)

CygnetMommy said...

Two questions for you: Where is this place? And how do you get the slideshow thing to show up on your blog? I can only get a thumbnail.

Karen said...

I have updated the post so that "Bounce-U" is now a link to the 4 different locations in NC. You can click on any of them for more information about their location.

Are you using one true media? If so, you just follow the prompts from "share and post online" to get the size video you want then it gives you a code to use at the end.

Jen said...

Oh man. I laughed so hard watching this! I have never seen the kids having this much fun. They were practically transported!

Just think -- places to throw balls, *endlessly* And they come back to you! Gabe clearly didn't care whether they went into the target or not -- he's clapping after every toss! And Addie's curls must have been a massive tangle that day with all that gleeful bouncing.

This is among the sweetest, funniest things you've posted! I can't wait to go there with them!

mell said...

oh, i wish i could have watched that at work. it SO brightened my day. it's so much fun watching them have blissful fun! oh, to be that young and carefree!