Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Finds

I am frequently drawn to vintage and old fashioned styles so I am always excited to find stores that offer inspired clothing, like Red Dress Shoppe. I am completely in love with the 1940's couture dress, isn't it fantastic?!

As much as I appreciate pieces like these I don't have many places to wear them. This is where my love of aprons comes in. They protect my clothes when cooking or cleaning, serve as towels for drying hands or little eyes, and can actually help keep me productive. Something as simple as putting on and taking off an apron clearly marks the beginning and end of a task. But most of all, they can be so. darn. cute. The perfect way to have my cake and eat it, too.

My sister, Jen, made this fantastic reversible apron for me several months ago. "More work than you'd ever think would go into an apron." she said smiling. But oh, so worth it!!


Margaret said...

Funny! I didn't know about your vintage dress obsession. You'll find more dresses to ogle at; I actually have one of them! (I couldn't find it on the site, but it's pretty much the Paris dress, only in black with red details.)

You're right, though, in that it's hard to find places to wear it. I haven't worn that dress as much as I'd like; even though it's not particularly dressy, I feel a bit like I'm playing "dress up" when I do wear it!

Aprons are definitely the best -- I need to get me one. I love the purse Jen made me, but I'm sad that your apron pattern was so tricky that she won't want to try it again! ;)

Jen said...

Yay -- shout out to me! I love that apron, and I love the way it turned out! I agree that it was definitely worth the effort, especially as you love it so much. And it makes you look like such a domestic diva! hee.

Mags, I would happily make another one for someone worth the effort. :) Your purse started out conceptually as this apron, but I couldn't find contrast fabric for it. You find me some cute retro material, and you've got yourself an apron!

CygnetMommy said...

Very cute! And you look great for having a month-old baby! I have an apron that I got a few years ago at McTeacher's Night, so it actually has the McDonald's logo on it.

Alissa said...

Whoa, way to go Jen! That apron rocks my socks off.