Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun with songs

The first part of this video is a couple clips of the kids watching Little Einsteins. The song they're following along with says, "Use your hands for turning, turning, turning, turning, clapping, clapping, up down!"
Addie's version of the Alphabet song includes a few numbers, if you listen closely, but she also nails every letter after Q.


Margaret said...

HIGH-LARIOUS. It's like she's doing the ABCs in semaphore! The little "yay!" hop at the end just kills me.

And Gabe pouncing on "up down" during the song...HA!

Jen said...


...well, I heard "R S T U wubwub Double- X Y *mumblemumble* Wooh!"

I love them dancing to the Alphabet song at the end!