Thursday, March 5, 2009

Celebrating the Small Stuff


Small Successes for the week:

1. I cleaned out and organized my pantry. Tossing items that we were never going to use and ones that had passed their expiration date. Finally, I can see what we have at a glance. Hopefully, this will help me start menu planning again.

2. I have pulled out the Home Organizer I made several months ago and started to put it to use again. During my first trimester I was thankful just to be able to keep everyone happy, fed, and in clean clothes. Now that I've got my energy back I can get back to my routine of weekly cleaning and maintenance. I've also updated my to do lists, weekly schedule, and master grocery list.

3. I've made headway in cleaning out and de-cluttering our spare room. We have about 4 months to get this room completely cleared out and transformed into the twins new room, so the new baby can stay in the nursery. I've mentioned before how overwhelmingly destroyed this room is, so I'm happy to say that I can actually see the bed (which a friend is taking off our hands this week) and have completely clear walking space around it. The bookcase has been cleaned out and all books are now in storage. I have 4 boxes marked Attic, Goodwill, Put Away, and Paperwork which I sort into when I get the chance, and small, sorted piles of items to keep that don't have a home. We'll talk about the closet another day.


Kristen said...

Awesome! We don't have a pantry, but Jeff is pretty good about keeping our food cupboards down to what we need and use for which I am ETERNALLY grateful! And the impetus between consolidating closets is to convert the guestroom/Joey's room into the "boys room" where Will will join Joey once he can sleep through the night. And we plan on redecorating both rooms. Shelby's will be yellow and lavendar and will have a butterfly theme and Joey and Will's will either be a solar system/night sky theme OR Curious George. Whichever Jeff decides on (I think he likes the solar system better right now lol).

Margaret said...

Wow, nicely done, Karen! I had a bunch of New Years' resolutions related to being more organized, a lot of which have gone out the window lately (especially with my being sick the last two weeks). I'm hoping to get back on the bandwagon after this weekend -- I like the idea of taking "small steps" back into it. Thanks for the encouragement!