Thursday, March 12, 2009

Small Successes


1. When a large can of food was dropped on my foot and broke my middle toe I was able to contain my response, being in front of the children, to "HHUUUUHHHNNN!!"

2. I de-cluttered the top of our clothing storage (rubbermaid drawers) and cleared out several items in our bedroom to make space for our new 14 drawer dresser arriving today. Hooray for Craigslist!

3. I've made a detailed list of all items going to the dump and readied items to go to the attic and my parents for storage. By the end of the week the spare room should be mostly empty. Huzzah!


mell said...

that is so impressive!

sorry about your toe. did u go to the doctor?

Karen said...

Not much a Dr could do really. I taped it to an adjacent toe and have been staying off it as much as possible (hah!) But it doesn't look as bad anymore, normal coloring is starting to replace the black and purple. Bruising still extends to the top of my foot, but all in all, much better.

Margaret said...

You *broke* your *toe*? Oh, the words that would have poured out of my mouth then...good for you for containing yourself! ;) Glad it's feeling better, too.

Also, look at you go with that spare room! Can't wait to see it when it's all put together. Will the twins be getting toddler beds when they move in?

Jen said...

The Twins in toddler beds -- hee! So cute!

So sorry I couldn't have spent more time with you, Steve, and the babes on Friday, but it was great to see you at all. LOVED hearing the babies talking! (It was just a few words, Mags -- mostly "Gaba" and "Ah dun!")

I'm sorry about your toe! I've broken mine so many times its a wonder they're even relatively straight...