Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bald is Beautiful

Steve volunteered to shave his head to help support St. Baldrick's, the fastest growing volunteer fundraiser for kids cancer. I think there were around 230 people who got their heads shaved last night, and between them they raised over $150,000. (Sorry for the poor image quality, this was from his phone camera.)

(And yes, that's a Superman shirt Gabe is wearing. Complete with velcro tabs on the shoulders for a little red cape.)


Kristen said...

When you are right you are right! But Jeff's baldness is the genetic kind so he can't do St. Baldrick. But, a friend of his from high school had given him a Bald is Beautiful plaque when he started balding and we gave it to our cousin Andy when he lost his hair to radiation/chemo for his brain tumor. Apparently, my aunt said Andy laughed and laughed when he opened it up! I cannot believe Will is going to be born so close to the anniversary of Andy going home to God. Tell Steve thanks from all of us touched by cancer. It seems like a small gesture, but it means the world.

Margaret said...

Great shot! Steve looks wild without any hair -- wonder if it'll make Gabe want a buzz cut, too?

Jen said...

That. Is a freaking. Adorable. Photo. LOVE it!!

Looks like Gabe is digging Dad's new look, too! :)