Monday, March 16, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Most of my planning if simply for breakfast and dinner since the kids and I eat leftovers, sandwiches and veggies for lunch. This is the first plan I've completed in several months and felt an instant weight lifted off my shoulders after filling in the last day. We went shopping Saturday night and stuck to our list, knowing that impulse buys would be a waste. Such a change from just grabbing things that we like to eat, without a plan of how or when we'll use them.

B: Scrambled eggs and toast
D: Herbed Chicken and Veggies in the crockpot

Tuesday: Bake sandwich bread
B: Oatmeal, muffins
D: Leftovers

B: Cereal
D: Soft tacos

B: Blueberry pancakes and applesauce
D: Chicken stroganoff and steamed veggies

B: Oatmeal, fruit bars
D: tuna salad

B: Omletes
D: Chicken and vegetable sauce in the crockpot with pasta

B: Cereal
D: Sloppy Bunnies and zucchini/squash saute


Kristen said...

Yeah! You're right, it does create such a great feeling of relief. Funny, but we plan lunch and dinner. Breakfast usually makes me feel nauseous and there is a finite number of breakfast items the kids will eat. (I don't eat eggs either, which makes breakfast really hard.) Umm, what's that bunnies thing you're making?

Margaret said...

Ooh, can I come over for breakfast on Thursday?

CygnetMommy said...

I've been doing the meal planning for a while now, and it really does help, so good for you!! (Unfortunately, I managed to drag my husband with me to the grocery store on Saturday and ended up spending too much. He can't go anymore!) I want to know about the bunnies thing, too, and how do you get zucchini right now? And, thanks for the breakfast ideas--I've just been lost for breakfast!

Karen said...

Sloppy Bunnies are my Aunt Bunny's version of Sloppy Joes. Steve's always hated them, but gave my Aunts a try on a family vacation. Love at first bite. It's really very simple, ground chicken (or beef)with onions, yellow and orange peppers, ketchup, mustard, vinegar, salt and sugar. Even the kids love it!

mell said...

It all sounds so good! D & I do Sloppy Joes in the crock pot every once in a while. (we end up making so much, we only make it once every couple months.)