Monday, August 4, 2008

Hacking away the unessential

"Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life,and the labors of life reduce themselves." - Edwin Teale

Between routine baby and house care I'm spending time here, today.

I've never been one to take naturally to order and organizing but I'm figuring it out. I've been able to get a handle on the clutter on the lower level of our house but the upstairs provides more of a challenge. More specifically, the spare room. You know, the room that you would never show to guests let alone spend any worthwhile time in yourself. This room has become, in essence, a huge junk drawer; everything that we need but don't have a home for and is too big to stuff in a closet. It's the way-station for items on their way to and from the attic. The home of "I'll get back to that later" projects and paperwork. Boxes and furniture to go to Goodwill line the walls and spare cables and wires snake their way across the floor.

Perhaps it's the annoyance of not being able to reach the items I have somehow managed to store b/c of all the junk the in way of them, or perhaps it's that my sister is coming to stay the night on Friday (heh.) But enough is enough. Starting today and working slowly to not burn out, I'm de-cluttering bits at a time. It will take time and it will be tedious, but it will be so worth it. Just imagining, a room without a walking path... now wouldn't that be a thing to behold!


mell said...

Nearly all the rooms of my house that are not currently occupied (my old room on the 2nd floor, the dining room, and the garage) have become just as you've described your spare room. I long for the time and--more importantly--patience to de-clutter my house, but so much of the clutter does not belong to me. Therefore, I cannot dispose of it at will (well, and be guilt-free about it). Just wanted to say that I feel your pain, and much luck to you in the de-cluttering effort. Let me know if you have any useful shortcuts/tips I can employ when I tackle my "spare rooms."

Margaret said...

Good for you! I'm impressed that you (and Amy) keep your homes as organized as you do with two little ones, but I guess you could say that it becomes essential with two little ones.

One of the things I'm looking forward to about my upcoming move is the opportunity it will give me to purge belongings and start fresh with an entirely de-cluttered space. Oh, I'll mess it up again in no time, but it's so full of organized possibilities right now...

Jen said...

Eep! As the aforementioned sister coming to stay the night, let me just say I don't mind the room being packed to the gills with stuff, as long as the bed is cleared off so I can sleep in it! You have so much to do before the trip, I'd rather you didn't worry about it on my account.

You'll get it cleaned up and organized!! Just don't worry TOO much about not doing that before your first major trip on an airplane with two toddlers!

mell said...

I have just spent 15 minutes reading through some of FlyLady's tips on cleaning the house. They're awesome tips, and I can't wait to get home and get started.