Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Notes from the day

~Today's after dinner treat of choice? Addie's toes. I had cleaned Gabe up and set him on the floor as I was wiping Addie's hands clean. I look down and see Gabe's mouth wide open heading right for a plump, unsuspecting foot. It must have been good because he went back for seconds.

~Gabe is loving the freedom that is coming with being more mobile; I regularly see streaks of blue out of the corner of my eye followed by an eruption of giggles. Tonight I was in the playroom after changing Addie for bed and called Gabe to the gate to get him ready as well. Coming from the back door he makes a bee line toward me but then darts away just as I go to grab him. He walks halfway back to the door, turns, and runs in front of me, just out of my grasp, to the dryer. One more trip to the door then finally back to me as he decides that now he is ready.


Margaret said...

Hee! So have their walking skills improved appreciably since that video, then? It'll be so weird to see them on our next vacation and see them wandering around!

Jen said...

I hope there weren't teeth involved in the nibbling on Addie's toes! That is frighteningly adorable.

ALMOST as adorable as the other Addie/Gabe event which you haven't posted on yet. YOU know -- Gabe falls down... c'mon. :)

Gran said...

I guess Addie thought that if Gabe liked her toes, she'd give them a try. While you were out shopping today, Addie pulled her foot up to her mouth and pushed in her big toe!