Thursday, July 17, 2008

Notes from the week

~Addie is obsessed with Gabe's curls. They seem to be whispering to her, "play with me, run your fingers through my golden softness and giggle with delight."

~The kids are getting more and more mobile with each passing day; just last night Gabe walked from the entertainment center to the fridge! Addie is starting to venture out alone as well, taking a several tentative steps before plopping down. She seems to favor moving to the side (a carry over from cruising no doubt) so she walks a little like a crab, heh.

~Gabe has started feeding himself!! He does better with hard foods for now (like cheerios and cheddar bunnies) but hopefully he'll figure out softer foods too (french toast and fruit.) For now, he would still rather squish them in his fist, raise his hand triumphantly in the air and ceremoniously fling the food to the floor. Oh well, one step at a time. :)


Jen said...

Hooray for Gabe! Now that he knows he can put things in his mouth, perhaps you'll have to start worrying about those screws lying around on the floor. On the up side, maybe he'll start putting his pacifier back in his mouth at night!

That's absolutely adorable about Addie and Gabe's curls! I love that little snippet of the video where she stops pushing the car and starts patting Gabe on the shoulder! "My brother. Nice little man..."

Margaret said...

Yay Gabe!! I wonder what flipped in his mind that suddenly made this thing he completely abhorred ok?

High-LAR-ious about the curls (and Addie's walk!). I didn't catch the moment Jen was talking about, though, so I'm off to rewatch the video...for the 137th time.

So I'm addicted, sue me.