Monday, August 25, 2008

Notes from the week

~Arms by their sides, fingers splayed in “jazz-hands” fashion, their hips sway from side to side as they hurry across the floor. Backs arched slightly to keep from tumbling forward as they pick up speed, they squeal with delight playing chase and hide and seek.

~The floors had dried enough for the kids to come out and run around. Each with their sippy, they come thru the gate to the kitchen and chase each other (and the dog) around the living room. Soon Gabe comes back to the kitchen, big smile on his face, toting both sippys. I go back to washing dishes and hear him giggling. Then I hear a *clack, clack* pause *clack, clack, clack.* I know that sound. It’s the sound the valve of the sippy makes when it’s fallen into the cup that’s being shaken violently. Sure enough, rain showers of milk were falling all over the walls and freshly mopped floors. Grumbling to myself, I set about wiping up as Addie rounds the corner and stops to survey the scene. I look up and see her standing straight as an arrow, arms pointed fiercely downwards and eyebrows arched to their highest. “As long as you’re in cleaning mode…” she seems to say. Deposit made. I could only laugh.

~Walking home last night after a trip to the park in our neighborhood Addie has her first temper tantrum. This child will not hold your hand when she’s walking unless she’s nervous or on uneven ground. After several unsuccessful attempts to guide her back to the house I decide to cut her off. Instead of walking beside her hoping she’ll follow me, I dart in front of the driveway she’s heading towards to block her path. That’s when she’d had enough of not being able to go where she chose. She abruptly plopped down on the street and started wailing. Oh, this child can wail, too. Deciding enough was enough, I scooped her up and carried her wriggling, and kicking back home. *shew* Thank goodness that’s over! Heh, yeah right. Payback’s a comin’!


Margaret said...

Hee! The way you describe their running makes me picture them as little cute!

Oh, Addie -- being a generally contented baby has not prepared you for not getting your way...

Gran said...

You mean it hasn't prepared her Mom!