Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Steve had the evening off and we all met at mom and dad's for dinner. Dad cooked up a great meal of chicken, onions, mushrooms and potatoes seasoned and fired on the grill with a side of brown sugar glazed carrots to sweeten the deal. Everyone had a great time laughing and visiting; it was wonderful to be able to have all of us there to celebrate.

I had a lot of fun making this cake to celebrate mom's birthday today. This is a butter cake with lemon curd and raspberry layers and frosted in buttercream. The recipe for the cake is from The Bakers Dozen, a wonderful book full of detailed recipes and insights into the subtleties of baking.


Margaret said...

BEAUTIFUL cake! When I called Mom (late) last night to wish her a happy birthday, she couldn't stop raving about how gorgeous it was -- and how yummy! Lemon curd...raspberry... I'm pulling a Homer drool over here.

Jen said...

It was so beautiful! ...and much more properly assigned to the past tense now, since Mom served the leftover cake to her quilting group this afternoon. They raved about it, too!

Addie and Gabe were under-appreciative of their mother's decorating accomplishment, but they were big fans of the taste! Addie camped out at Mom's knees, opening her mouth widely every few minutes to indicate that more cake would be acceptable.

I was happily feeding Gabe from my spoon until Karen asked, "'re not feeding him any frosting or filling, right? Just cake?"

Er...think quickly. "Yeah! I mean, of course. Right."

"Good. 'Cause you're going to come over to our house and put him to bed yourself if he's wound up." :)