Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Strides in pottying

A big moment in our house yesterday, Gabe used his little potty!! I saw him scrunching up his face a little and heard him grunting faintly so I asked if he had to go potty and made the sign. He started nodding a little, so I picked him up to change him. I had caught him in time so I set him down on the little potty in the bathroom, just to see (we'd never had luck with this before.) Twice more I asked if he had to go potty, and made the sign 3 times. And... he went! And seemed pleased with himself! Heh. Hooray, Gabey!
That night after Steve came home Addie walked right up to him and made the sign for diaper, indicating she needed a change, and she was right! Another first!

To me, signing and infant pottying go hand in hand. I was unsure how it would work with 2 little ones, so I was pleased when it turned out to be fairly easy. Well, with Gabe at least (Addie's a little more covert when she's going potty. heh.) But every time I saw Gabe's face puff up or heard him grunting quietly I would ask if he had to go potty, and make the sign as I said the word. He would give some indication that he did, so I would hold him over the toilet and he would go. He was doing that at 6 months, I believe. But eventually, he got tired of being held and would struggle every time I tried, so I stopped pushing. I got the little potty out and would sit him on it, but with no luck. Yesterday was special for some reason, maybe he was finally comfortable and familiar with the potty. Whatever the reason, I'm thrilled. :)


Jen said...

Whoa -- impressive! I'll bet Gabe was pleased. And I imagine that once you get one of them using the potty, the other will demand to use it, too.

Of course, I wonder what Gran will think of this after just spending all that time making those 25-odd cloth diapers for them... :)

Gran said...

Oh, I don't have any concerns; even with a positive start, there will be PLENTY of times they'll need their diapers.

Margaret said...

Go Gabey! If only every parent could have such easy potty-training sessions... Heh.

janelle said...

I started with Claire the same way and now at 20 months she is diaper free except at night and nap! Keep it up mama!! WTG Gabe and Addie!!