Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

I'm limited on time so for a synopsis of what this Christmas was like, head over to my sister Jens blog and check out her post. Wonderful. Chaotic. Family. Love.

Here are what pictures we have been able to upload. There are many more from when my sisters family came, but we're still waiting on those. (hint, hint ;)
The first pictures are of our family waiting outside on the neighborhood streets, lit with luminaries, for santa to arrive on his fire engine; a tradition since we first moved here 22 years ago.


Jen said...

So many great photos!! Thanks for putting these up. It really helps to have photographic evidence of what we did -- I really have a hard time remembering one day from another of our visit.

Re: all three of your children -- just. can't. handle. the cuteness.

Margaret said...

Yay, great pictures! Lucky for me, most of them came from my camera, so you saved me the trouble of having to post them myself. Heh. I have a few from after the point where I uploaded these to your camera, though, so I'll post those tonight, I hope...