Monday, January 11, 2010

She sleeps!

Ana's been sleeping a longer stretch at night, from around 8 to 3. It's been wonderful. She nurses once or twice more after that but sleeps (mostly) until close to 8. She's also been taking her naps in her co-sleeper instead of in swings and bouncers, another improvement. I'm hoping to get a crib set up for her soon, though she may still stay in our room. It would be nice to make use of our mobiles.


mell said...

SOOOO precious! that pic just brought a much-needed smile to my face. thanks for posting!

Margaret said...

And she sleeps so cutely! Looking at that picture, I now want to crawl into bed and pull my microfleece sheets up around my head and nod off. Hee.

Jen said...

OH, too adorable. I agree with Mags -- she looks so comfortably snuggled down with her "friends."