Friday, January 15, 2010


Addie is a sneaky little thing. She has a habit of asking a question, say, "Ummm. Toomaah es cans. Ehhh shoes?"
"You want to put on your shoes and play with the cans in the pantry?" I ask.
"OK!" Is her response. No, no. That was your question, I'm trying to clarify, not give permission. She, however, sees no difference.

Gabe is really starting to enjoy cleaning up. (Hooray!) He likes helping me unload the dishwasher, carefully picking up each item and handing it to me to be put away. Silverware is his favorite though. He pulls a chair over to the island and sorts (correctly!) all the forks and butter knives and baby spoons. He also frequently asks to use the vacuum. (We have a small, bagless model with an adjustable neck length. When pushed in all the way it's the perfect height for them.) After meals you will frequently find the three of us tidying the kitchen. Me with a sweeper, Gabe with the vacuum and Addie with a hand broom and dustpan. She, in particular, has become very adept at sweeping up, taking the dirt to the trash can and dumping it. She works slowly and makes several trash runs, picking up around 90% of anything I have swept into a pile. They both enjoy each task, really, and will switch back and forth asking the other to share using sign language.

Juliana had her 6 month well-visit the other day. She weighed in at 15.5 lbs, is 26.5 inches long and her head measured 16.5 inches (<25%) which is interesting since everyone always comments on what a round head she has. hee. We have started offering real foods like rice cereal and pureed fruits but she doesn't seem terribly interested. She does not care for bananas and pears, preferring plain, old rice cereal instead. She also adores her big sister who can make her laugh, smile and coo more than any of us.


Gran said...

loved the post! have you tried mixing fruit w/the cereal? all four of you loved fruit - it was peas and greenbeans that were troublesome.

Margaret said...

Ha! I remember having some of those conversations with Addie when I was home for Christmas, where suddenly you're agreeing to heaven only knows what. Heh.

That's so awesome that they love cleaning up. The image of Gabe sorting silverware just made me squee all over my computer.

And I guess I can't say that Ana has a huge noggin anymore; I'll restrict my comments to its perfect sphericalness. ;)

Jen said...

I love these tidbit posts! And I agree about the friggin' adorableness of my nephew sorting silverware. Ahh -- after my own heart, that child.

Addie, though -- I don't know who she takes after. But her dad is in for a looooot of trouble...

VIDEOS OF ANA! That is all.