Friday, January 22, 2010

Confessions of a 2.5 year old

Yesterday a certain little girl received an in-crib time-out for grabing something from the counter (a quick bite from a muffin top, or two) then screaming about having to complete said time-out. I went upstairs to get her after the timer went off and as I opened the door and stepped inside she said, "Iss ah no screaming. Eye Sawwy."
"Oh!" I said. "Yes, we don't scream. And we also don't..."
"Eh no bite."
"umm, that's true. But we don't take things from the counter without asking."
"Ehh, no cowrerr ah ask. Eye Saaaaaaawy."
"Yes, that's right, thank...
"Eh, no... um, no eeah toofpase"
"Ye... yes, Addie. We don't eat toothpaste. And your time out is over... unless you think of anything else you'd like to get off your chest."


Jen said...

HA! Priceless.

This kid knows how to be screamingly adorable. I think she will have to decide whether to use these powers for good or evil...

Margaret said...

Hee! "Bless me, mommy, for I have sinned..."

Angela said...

That is hilarious!!