Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another New Begining

Happy New Year's Eve! Our friend's birthday is today and we have a tradition of celebrating with a group of friends this night. I hope everyone has a safe evening tonight and a blessed new year!

Family is beginning to depart and tomorrow things should be getting back to normal. It's been pretty non-stop around here, traveling back and forth to my parents house (where all the rest of our family is staying, fortunately it's only 30 minutes away.) We had a wonderful time visiting and there were some fantastic pictures taken. Hopefully we'll be able to share some soon.

In the meantime, even though family is heading home, radio stations are no longer playing carols, and neighbors are taking down decorations it's still Christmas! And will be so until January 10th when we celebrate the Lord's baptism. Anyone have any plans for Epiphany this year? I'm thinking we'll bake a king cake and make some paper crowns for the kids to wear.

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CygnetMommy said...

Epiphany is my birthday. Mom used to call it Little Christmas:) You are so unbelievable crafty!! Can you pass some of your creativity over this way??