Monday, October 19, 2009

A Walk With A View

We've started taking the kids on walks much more frequently. Now that the temperature has cooled off (quite dramatically in fact, isn't fall supposed to come between summer and winter?) The distance we've been able to walk has been increasing gradually and we're able to go 2 miles comfortably now. (That may not seem impressive, but hey, I was out of shape before having Juliana. ;) We've enjoyed finding new places to walk and have been rediscovering parks and lakes in our area. Yesterday we took a walk on the trail around a nearby lake. It was a perfect 2 mile distance and provided so much scenery and wildlife for the kids to look at. We will be going back frequently.

A view of the lake

There were ducks everywhere.

A perfect seat.

A plethora of turtles. Three of them ducked underwater just before I took this picture.

Bundled up for the ride.

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Margaret said...

Heh -- my next question was going to be whether the kids did the walk, too, because that would have been impressive! But I see that they're riding in total cozy comfort...looks nice.