Thursday, October 29, 2009

Small Successes


1) At a recent auction Steve was able to purchase a specialty oven worth $10,000 for $400.
2) After being surprised by a 2 inch wolf spider hiding under one of the kids toys I was able to capture and release it outside without any screaming or arm flailing.
3) I cleaned off the top of my fridge yesterday! After finding more appropriate homes for some items and chucking others my fridge top only has our bread box and dry produce storage. I'm also able to easily access all my cookbooks now (which I sorted through and organized) located in the small cabinet above the fridge. As an added bonus we found a few bottles of liquor in there, too. It may be time for a cocktail! :)


Jen said...

woo-hoo! Margaret and I will take you up on that cocktail offer when we come down in a few weeks!

Karen said...

Are you coming down for Thanksgiving?!

Margaret said...

No, the 14th-15th, remember? Thanksgiving is just too crazy to drive, but we couldn't go all the way to Christmas without seeing you guys first. ;)