Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Year

Today is my 27th birthday! We have no big special plans for the day, but I rather like that. It's a wet and dreary morning here so we're taking the kids to a mall to play at their indoor playground. I'll take the baby for some quick shopping and then we'll return home for a hot lunch and naps. This afternoon we'll have some popcorn and hot cocoa and watch The Iron Giant with the kids, and that's as much as a plan as we have. What a wonderful way to celebrate and thank the Lord for the gift of another year, enjoying the small things in life.

**To mark another milestone, Juliana is 3 months old today! To quote my sister, she's a baby now and not a newborn. My sweet little chub, this time is flying by.


Jen said...

Happy birthday, lovely lady! I hope it will be the beginning of a very blessed year., your birthday present will be arriving at some unspecified time. It said "within 2-4 weeks of purchase", so... :)

Gran said...

Happy Birthday from Mom and Grandma. Wish we could celebrate together. Your special day sounds wonderful! Love you

Margaret said...

That sounds like a lovely way to celebrate! And I know that you're usually the cake lady around there, but still, make sure you blow out some candles on something... ;)

Many happy returns, baby sis!

hobbitmom said...

Yes, happy happy! Sending you hugs and prayers today, lady. I sure wish we lived closer. Love you!