Friday, October 23, 2009

Accusations and Distractions

At the breakfast table this morning the kids jabber back and forth as we clear the dishes. All of a sudden Gabe starts to make the potty sign and say, "Ah-ee" (Addie.) I ask him if he's going potty and he says, "No. Ah-ee. Ah-ee pah-ee." And points to her frantically.
"Umm. Addie's going potty?"
"Ah-ee! Ah-ee pah-ee!" (more urgent pointing.)
"How... Addie, are you going potty?"
Gabe grunts his information again, but this time as he throws out his arm to point he gets distracted by the Mickey Mouse on his pajama sleeve.
"Ah-ee! Ah... Mah Mouse!"
He spends the next 2 minutes staring down the cartoon and promptly forgets his earlier accusation.
(For the record, Addie did not go potty. I have no idea what prompted him.)


Jen said...

HA! Love the distractibility...

Margaret said...

I second Jen's HA! Strange child...