Monday, September 14, 2009

Water Play

I've come across another great blog, The Wonder Years. No, it's not about the tv show, it's a mom of two young children sharing toddler and preschool activities based on the Montessori approach. We've already tried a couple of the activities with great results.
Our first activity was water pouring. 2 trays (cookie sheets till I can get some smaller ones) with 2 plastic cups and one small sponge each. Simply pouring the water back and forth and wiping up the spills has become at least a twice daily event. I leave one stocked tray on their bookshelf and they bring the tray to the table when they want to work. When I introduced this activity I did it one child at a time and in separate rooms. Gabe started in the kitchen and Addie started at the kids table in the playroom. They were able to take in my demonstration and concentrate on trying it themselves without distraction. I think this was the key. They can work at the kitchen table together now without flinging (hooray!)

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