Thursday, September 24, 2009

Toddler Speak

Some of Addie's favorite words and phrases:

Come on! (with the beckoning arm)
All beh-rer (better)
wahr-er (water)
What's wrong?
Watch! (usually while holding up a tupperware lid and looking at you through it.)
No, no... tahm out!
Tinky feet! (while sniffing her toes... I know.)
Mo choc-ock! (more chocolate. she's her mothers daughter.)
Hahm (ham)
ticken (chicken)
Goofies (Goofy, by far her favorite)
Mah Mouse (Mickey Mouse)
Big Jet! (when she sees an airplane)
Yoh-K? (you OK?)
Bacca (Chewbacca)
Whas-at? (what's that?)
dey-ih-goes! (there it goes)
oh yea, dey-ih-is! (there it is)

Some of Gabe's favorite expressions and words:

Sing! (with the arm motion. Swing: a desire to hit golf balls)
Goh (golf)
gauh-gock (chocolate. he's his mothers son.)
Rah-ret (rocket. accompanied by emphatic gesturing of the sign.)
Saine (sand)
Duck! (truck, or in referece to Donald Duck.)
Yuh-yoo (love you)
Peeees! (pea)
cohn (corn)
Yion (Lion, always followed by *raaahhr*)
Sit (sip)
bahng-it (blanket)
heh-yo dadee (his greeting to his father upon waking up)
Si-ehn (siren)
Yahh?! (yard; a desire to run amok)
Whas-at? (what's that?)


Margaret said...

Ha!! Love it.

So are they speaking words to each other that only they can understand yet?

mell said...

i miss them! aww...

Jen said...

I love that they both say "sing" -- Addie, because she wants to grab her microphone and go full-on Diva, and Gabe, because he wants to go out back and whack golf balls. Hee!