Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Museum of Life and Science

There are so many places to explore here, it was a little overwhelming. The kids had a blast, but could have spent so much more time in each section. The next times we go we're going to stay in only one or two areas and let them play their hearts out, so each time we go it will be a little different. A year long family pass is available and we plan on taking advantage. It's such an amazing place to visit, I can't wait to take extended family, too!


Margaret said...

Oh man, that is fantastic! So much to see and do! I definitely want to go back with them sometime; it looks like they had a blast.

You know, there's a Children's Museum here in Baltimore, too... ;)

Jen said...

Wow, that place is great! I can totally see how you'd want to focus in on only one section at a time -- it could probably get overwhelming to see everything!

Heh -- I got excited at the end when I saw the rocket. Gabe must have been beside himself! :)