Friday, September 18, 2009

Rock Band

As an early birthday present Steve's mom got us Rock Band 2. We've been having a great time playing a few evenings with a friend who's living 2 hours away. Steve's getting pretty good at the drums while I prefer Bass guitar. Addie (if we let her play) would of course favor singing, but seems just as happy to carry around the guitar and look adorable. I'm happy with that arrangement as well.


Margaret said...

Hee! Well, she certainly has the crazy rocker hair already... Have you considered that it may be time for a trim? ;)

Karen said...

Well it is post-nap hair, it's bound to be a royal mess. It's actually getting long enough to pull back into elastics without hair falling out everywhere. finally past the can't-do-anything-but-brush-it-out-of-the-face stage. yay! I love her in pig tails.

mell said...

we'll need to get rock band 2, too, so we can join in the online fun!