Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Berry Good Morning

We headed out to a U-Pic farm this morning with some friends.  The biggest farm of this kind that I've been to, they have a huge selection of produce.  Currently, you can pick blackberries, blueberries, and tomatoes.  Soon peaches will be available, too. We started with the blackberries first, 
heading down the long rows, marveling at the sheer size of these gorgeous berries.
The twins did really well with picking. They had never eaten blackberries before and were a little unsure at first, until they tasted them... then they were really excited to search the rows.
They did a great job of selective picking and got most of what they picked in their buckets.
Juliana did not have a bucket.  What she found she ate. 
Very excitedly. 
We also picked blueberries but didn't get any pictures. The kids were more interested in eating everything they picked.  They had buckets but never filled them.  They mostly ran giggling around the bushes as they popped berries in their mouths, making occasional pronouncements of, "Dis is yummy!  Bwue-bewwies are my favowite." We ended up with 20 lbs of berries after our hour and a half trip.
We all had a great time and we're now in the process of rationing out our stockpile. Several pounds are chilling in the freezer, some we will eat fresh or with pancakes, and I'm looking forward to making gobs of jam!  Possibly some fruit crisps, too. One thing we're sure of, we will be going back.  Often and with friends.  


mell said...

I'd love to make some more blueberry muffins!!! :)

Margaret said...

Looks like so much fun! How crazy that you were just about the twins' age when we started going to Lyons Farm for strawberries... Looks like this will become a tradition for you guys, too!