Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Gone!

Steve got home a short time ago and is doing well. It took 3 sessions to remove all of the cancer cells, going down to the cartilage and muscle.  However, they were able to close with stitches instead of a graft so there should be minimal scarring.  He will probably start swelling soon and may develop "raccoon eyes."  He's taken some Tylenol and is sleeping now.  We are so very grateful that everything went as well as it did, he was apparently only one session away from needing a graft.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers!


Jen said...

BLESSED BE GOD. That's great, great news. And the doctors feel confident they got everything?

...but, one session away from needing a graft -- yikes! Seems hard to believe he's only going to be left with minimal scarring.

Karen said...

Yea, his doctors are confident they got it all, and this surgery has a 99% success rate. His doctor is really fantastic, too. He and his partner have a combined 40 years experience in this particular surgery.

Jamie said...

Thank God! I'm so happy for you guys!! :o)

Jamie said...

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