Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Thursday

I made a mini Last Supper for the kids to look at while I read the story from the Bible.
This great little craft came from Catholic Icing, of course.  ;)

We talked about how Jesus instituted the Eucharist, (Daddy's bringing home some pita bread for dinner and we'll have a little bit of wine, too.)  Also, how he knew this was his last meal and that one of his friends would betray him. This craft is based on Da Vinci's Last Supper painting, and is supposed to capture the disciples reaction after Jesus tells them that one of them will betray Him. 

We continued on in the story to the washing of the feet, talking about how Jesus wants us to care for others, even doing the dirty things that aren't very nice.  After that we had a foot washing!  Mommy went first to demonstrate, washing six little feet with a wet wipe and a small bowl of water.  

They were eager to try and took turns kneeling down, with a towel over their shoulder, to wash their siblings feet. 

There was a bit of spilled water but it was not for lack of being gentle.

The kids have said they want to wash daddy's feet when he comes home.  I'm sure he'll be... surprised.  ;)