Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Da Woad Be Wiff You

I've had my first official request for vestments.  Gabe came up to me this morning and said he wanted to be the Priest, wearing the green cape with the cross.

They're doing a decent job of taking turns playing Mass this morning. They switch roles during the Mass, going from being an altar server, to a cantor, an usher, and a deacon.  Gabe says some prayers, hand clasped and eyes shut tight, while Addie sings a very passable Alleluia.  Later, cantor Ana leads the congregation in the song, "Dora, the Explorer."


Margaret said...

Ha! "The green cape"...that kid wants to be a superhero priest for sure.

Neen said...

Any easy way to make simple vestments is to find small table clothes for a round table. You need to use the colors of the season and cut out the center for the head. I added gold ribbon to edges and decoration but do as much as you can or want. This is much cheaper than buying the vestments from Our Father's House.

Jen said...

Request for vestments! Oh, I am all over this! (Though Neen's suggestion is a great one, and makes me think I've been working too hard on these.)

Can I do this for the kids? *waves hand in the air* Pick me, pick me!