Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter day celebration this year.  Mom and dad had commitments with their Church choir so we went to an 11:30 Mass at our Church.  This later Mass time allowed for a leisurely morning of hunting for hidden baskets, acting out the resurrection story, sampling some candy (Peeps were a hit with Gabe and Ana, Addie was not impressed), and sitting down together for a pancake breakfast.

We were ready for Church in record time but it still didn't get us there early enough to sit in the Church.  It had reached capacity 20 minutes before the service and they were filling up the reception hall for a separate Mass.  We managed to snag a window sill in the very back, others simply had to stand outside in the courtyard and listen. The kids did pretty well considering they couldn't see.  It was nice to see so many people.

We continued on to Mom and Dad's house for an egg hunt and early dinner.  We took some pictures right away, before play and candy could stain dress clothes.

A great shot of the kids with all their grandparents and great-grandfather.

There were a few more traditional pictures but ultimately this is the real us.

The kids couldn't wait to start the hunt!  

They were simply gleeful as they ran around exclaiming, "I found one!" at every egg.

 Afterwards, they examined their goodies and sampled a few.

The girls actually managed some self control.  Gabe, however, was stuffing them in his mouth as fast as he could open them.  They repeated the hunt themselves, taking turns "hiding" them.  Throwing them up in the air as they walk in a circle is a more accurate description.

Both grandmothers got the kids baskets and some fun toys like bubbles, flashcards, garden tools, flower bulbs, chalk eggs, and dress up gloves. Plenty to keep the kids entertained while food was being prepared.  Dinner was wonderful; ham, deviled eggs, quinoa cakes, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, pineapple casserole, and rolls.  Followed by strawberry pie for dessert.

It was a wonderful day and we were all ready for bed by the time we got home.  We are so blessed.

He is risen! Let the 50 days of celebrating commence!!

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