Thursday, March 24, 2011

Small Successes


1. We did some rearranging and completely cleared off our back deck!  We've always had our grill there and since the grill is rather large and the deck is rather small there was never any useable space left.  We moved the grill down near the side of the house and set up some lawn chairs with a cooler-table in the now opened space.  It's wonderful to be able to sit up in the shade with a great view of the yard.  Even the kids love to sit up there!  I see this getting much use this spring and summer!

2. The garden is prepped for planting!  After digging out two years of neglect we mixed in top soil, compost, and peat moss.  We've also got our seeds planted and sunning upstairs on the desk in our room.  We even have a few seedlings coming up!  It's just sweet peppers so far but soon we should see sprouts for romaine, mizuna, jalapenos, peas, okra, garlic chives, dill, and cilantro!  We're waiting on sowing and planting directly in the garden bed until we have the kids early birthday present assembled... a sandbox!

3. I frequently take the kids to a great little playground near our restaurant that's fully fenced in. So far it's the only outdoor play area I've found where I'm comfortable taking all the kids by myself.  With all three of the kids prone to running off in different directions at once it's important to have that perimeter!  Directly across from this little playground though, is a short trail and this week we walked it!  All by ourselves and with no strollers for anyone!  It was a nice stroll and, for the most part, everyone listened well, ending our playtime on a high note.  (And the extra energy spent on the trail after playing hard at the playground meant that there was no fussing about getting in the car to go home. Bonus!)

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