Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Enjoying our sweet treats.  :)

I also wanted to share how to make these awesome pretzel shamrocks. I found the idea in Family Fun magazine... I think. Not a lot of effort, and a super fun snack.

Lay out three yogurt (or white chocolate) covered pretzels and arrange them in the shamrock shape. Break off a piece of another pretzel and place for the stem. Melt some vanilla candy wafers according to package instructions.  Pour melted candy into a piping bag with a small round tip and squeeze onto center joints of the pretzels, filling in all the gaps and making sure everything's stuck together.  Let dry.
Tint some decorator icing green and pipe a line around the edges of the pretzels and down the stem to make the shamrock. Press down into a bowl filled with coarse green sugar.  Allow the icing to set.

Voila!  So easy and the kids love them. 


mell said...

OMG! You make it sound simple, but I don't think mine would turn out that pretty! I want to try one!! :)

Ana looks so funny with the green chin! heehee!!

Karen said...

I made a lot and sent the extras to the restaurant with Steve to give to any kids that come in. There weren't any yesterday though... if you came in tonight there might be some left! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi I just found your blog from Catholic mothers online. I love this idea thank you for sharing it. I am always looking for fun things to make St. Patrick's day a little more festive. Green milk is getting a little boring. :) I will definitely bookmark this and try this next year.