Friday, February 12, 2010

Say it again

Addie is as loquacious as ever. She's even speaking to Gabe in sentences now, always prompting him for his opinion.

"You geh muffin, Gabe? s'it good? s'it nummy?"
"Ah-yi-ga-rer" (Alligator)
"Gi-muh hahn! I guh fall" (give me your hand, I'm gonna fall)
"Dehnce" (dance)
"no, no, no. I get it."
"Help us?"
"Wow, look at that!"

Gabe has begun trying to form longer sentences and string several together. His words aren't always very clear so we're lucky to pick out one word we recognize in his babblings, but are still trying to encourage him. Addie has been jabbering like this for a while so it's fun to see Gabe trying, too. You can almost see the little gears working in his head.

"Dadee bed?" (a request to jump on our bed)
"coo-fik" (crucifix)
"muh-mus" (muffins)
"Yaaaaaaaahh!" (Yes. But with Swedish pronunciation. And always very emphatic.)
"Push a button?" (a request to start the microwave or dishwasher)
"No pants"
"Sumch" (Sandwich)


Margaret said...

"Push a button" and "no pants." That's a boy if I ever met one. Hee!

Jen said...

My housemates will hear all these words ad nauseum as I walk around the house repeating them over and over and over...

Margaret: HA!