Monday, February 1, 2010


Our camera is on the fritz again so we didn't get many good pictures but everyone had a good time. You can't tell it by looking at him but Gabe loves the snow. He pitched a royal fit about having to come in after being out for 2 hours. Only promises of hot chocolate could lure him towards the door. Addie enjoyed it for a while but seemed glad when we headed home. Juliana had a wonderful time. I wore her facing out in the Moby wrap and she bounced, kicked and cooed the entire time.


Margaret said...

Oh man, I wish that picture of you and Juliana were a little clearer, because it looks like she is LOVING the snow. Squee! So glad you guys got to get out and enjoy it.

Jen said...

I *bet* Gabe was having a great time: playing soccer on the snow! Digging with Daddy's golf clubs in the snow!

I second Margaret's comment about Ana -- there's some serious squishing that needs to happen here. Could you bring them a little closer? :)