Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pardon me?

Addie was standing at the bottom of the stairs yesterday trying to get her fathers attention. "Daaaaadeeeeeeeeeee!" she called out. "DAAAAAAAAADEEEEEEEEE!!!!" Steve, however, was in our room with the door closed and was unable to hear her. After waiting for another moment, considering her options, she decided to try the "mommy" approach. Oh no, she didn't turn to me for help, she did a great imitation. She reached up and knocked as hard as she could on the wall and said, "Seeeeeeeeeeeeve!" "SEEEEEEEEEEVE!"
Daddy emerged eying her curiously. "What did you call me?"
"Tanks, Seeve!" Was her only response.


Jen said...

HA!! Awesome. I actually remember doing that to...one of our parents when I was very, very young and how excitingly naughty it felt to do it!

Margaret said...


mell said...

LOL! that's really funny! Not only does she look just like you... :)