Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last night was the first Halloween that we dressed the kids up for trick or treating, and we had a great time. They went as pirates (I figured this will probably be the only year I can dress them as I wish so, darn it, they're going to coordinate!) They were anxious to get started and losing patience as we got everything together, but we made it out the door around 6:15.

Addie was very outgoing with everyone she met, saying hello, pointing out decorations and showing them the stars and moon. Gabe was more reserved, but always replied when prompted. We had been practicing saying "Trick or Treat" for several days, that may have been the best part for them. "Tick oh tea!" they would say when the doors opened. Then they would thank them and get out a wish for a Happy Halloween. Addie starting condensing her responses to "Tick oh Tea! Tanks! Ta Ta!" Gabe's attempt at Happy Halloween came out as simply "Ween!" So precious.

Some of the houses had dogs and Gabe became rather frightened. He refused to even walk up to several houses, opting to wait with me in the driveway. Only after a few of the homeowners came out and assured him they didn't have dogs did he cautiously make his way towards them.

By the time we had walked the streets of our neighborhood they were tired and the baby getting fussy so we headed home. We made one last stop across the street from our house. After getting his candy Gabe turned around and sat down on the step with the woman, plunked down his pumpkin and put his feet out. I think it's safe to say he was done.


Jen said...

So CUTE!!! I love the pirate costumes! Man -- Addie looks a lot taller than Gabe...or is he just slouching?

That photo of him bending anxiously over his pumpkin at the bottom of the neighbors steps is too much.

Karen said...

Yes, he was slouching. He wasn't so keen on having to stand still for the picture. But Addie is about 1/2 inch taller.

hobbitmom said...

"Tick oh tea! Tanks! Ta ta!"


ADORable costumes.

Margaret said...

If it makes no difference to them, maybe they could wear their costumes again for their aunties in two weeks. And again at Christmas. And all the time, because they are too stinkin' cute. Thanks for sharing!