Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Afternoon Out

We took the kids out to a park yesterday for some fresh air and to burn a little energy. We're all getting over some mystery illness and had been cooped up for far too long, but the bright blue skies and cool, crisp air did much to lift our spirits.

The kids played on the parks large playground for a while before we started a walk down one of the trails. They had a great time pointing out leaves and squirrels sauntering down the path with us.

We got to see a few unexpected sights as well, like a huge spiderweb spanning the path (which I only narrowly missed walking through) and a giant praying mantis chowing down on some unfortunate bug.

The kids did get tired eventually and asked daddy to carry them. It was a little bittersweet, noticing how big the kids were getting and realizing that we won't be able to carry them both together for much longer.

When they weren't being carried by daddy, however, they were more than happy to join hands and trot off on their own.


Jen said...

AAAHH!! That last picture is so horribly cute and sad! But mostly cute. Too, too cute.

Margaret said...

I'm making a bit of a mess over here, what with my melting all over the sofa. Too. Dern. Cute.

Our Family said...

So cute!