Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby O' Mine

How is she 15 months already?  

I mean, I know that time moves fast; nothing shows the passage of time more clearly than the growth of children.  But still... look at all those teeth!  That shaggy hair!  She is changing so fast and a recent post by my sister reminded me that I won't remember most of the little things if I don't get them down somewhere.  

1. She's already trying to run.  She's been walking fairly well for a couple of weeks now and her pace is quickening exponentially.  
2. She make the cutest scrunchy face when she doesn't get her way.  Her nose crinkles up and lips pout out to show her teeny teeth.  Of which there are many.  
3. She loves her siblings, frequently coming over to join in play or to cuddle.  They compete to see who can make her have the biggest belly laughs.  
4. She has become very emphatic in her communication... and loud.  This child has quite the vocal range.
5. In addition to "Mama" and "Dada" she says "Cuh-cah" (cracker) when she's hungry, and "HI!" She also sighs "Ahh" and waves her hands up and down when she's all done. 
6. She loves to play chase; sometimes after her siblings, sometimes away from me as soon as her clothes are off to change.  

We all pretty much want to squish her all the time. 

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hobbitmom said...

"We all pretty much want to squish her all the time."

Can't imagine why. RRRRGH.