Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner Conversation

Gabe points to the ceiling in the living room and says, "It's Rocket!  Up high in da sky!  He's eating.  It's a hotdog!"

Addie has her dinner plates, cup and a piece of toast lined up on the table in front of her.  Going down the row she points to each one in turn, looks to us and says, "Is it... dis one?  Nooo.  Too heaby (heavy).  Is it... dis one?  Noooo.  Not dat one.  How about... that one?  Nooo.  Too far." 
I still have no idea what we were looking for. 


Margaret said...

It's kind of frightening how quickly they pick up on our voice patterns and inflections when playing games with them...and then you hear it being repeated back to you. And yeah, I really want to know what the answer is, if the one thing was "too heavy" and the other was "too far"... Hee!

Jen said...


I was thinking the same thing as Margaret; for Addie, the voice tone, inflections, and the process of going through one object after another is probably more important than what on earth the game is *about*.

As for Gabe...I have no words. :)