Monday, March 22, 2010

Close Enough

We're currently debating whether or not we will grow anything in our garden this year.   It has been cleared and the soil prepped no matter what our decision.  In the meantime though, the kids have claimed it for their "sand box."


Gran said...

Oh man, I can't think of anything more fun (or inexpensive) than a sandbox that size. Can you imagine the hours they will spend playing (and not running into each other in a small one?) Buy a few bags of sand and cover with a tarp at night,and you have the greatest kids' toy in the world!

(Of course, I WILL miss the tomatoes!)

mell said...

What makes dirt so much fun when you're young? I remember making mud pies with my friend and riding our bikes all over the place. Ahh...nostalgia.

CygnetMommy said...

Responding to your comment: Bare bottomed is a great way to go, especially for girls. There were several evenings when we locked Zack in the kitchen (just closed the gate) and let him run around with no pants. I've also heard that straight into underwear is good, too. Just read up on different methods, then have a couple days with nothing to else to do and have them sit every hour or so. Good luck!!!