Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Treats

To celebrate this Easter and to thank our employees that had to work today I made some cupcakes. This great idea came from a book I was given for Christmas called Hello, Cupcake. Those are regular and mini sized Oreo cookies used for the sunflower centers, icing petals, m&m ladybugs and leaves made from green fruit roll-ups.

They were a lot of fun to make, though a little time consuming. One cupcake on it's own came together relatively quickly, but putting together 2 dozen was a bit of a task.
Steve offered to take the kids to the store to let me finish undisturbed and went about getting Gabe into the car. He stepped back into the house and yelled to me to come see Addie. I turned the corner of the kitchen to see this

Someone got her grubby little hands on the counter top and snuck off with some coloring gel (to tint icing.) I was able to get most of the dye off of her face but her hands were still cherry red. She did clean up well in the bath this morning though, just in time for Easter.


Margaret said...

First of all, those cupcakes rule.

Second, HA!! Oh man... I suppose it could have been worse, considering...but still. Hee!

Kristen said...

I got Hello, Cupcake too... I'm dying to try those cute penguin cupcakes!!!

Margaret said...

Should have mentioned: This picture reminds me of a mishap from our own Easter celebration. We gave John a chocolate ice cream bon bon, which he silently devoured in his own little corner. When he emerged again, naturally he had chocolate ice cream all over his face -- including one random splotch on his neck, which we couldn't for the life of us figure out how he got.

These children clearly have a talent for messes.

mell said...

Cabby, your cupcakes look amazing! I showed them off to my co-workers, and we're in awe at your creativity.

Jen said...

"I...I haven't been doing anything, honest!"

Hee. You should have seen John on Sunday after he snagged a chocolate-ice cream bon bon and threw himself in my chair to enjoy it. Several minutes later, he sat up to face the rest of the company, and had huge swathes of melted chocolate on his face, neck and shirt. :)

(ADORABLE cupcakes!)

Alissa said...

Seriously, You've got to be kidding me. Those are incredible looking. (This comment is a little out of date, but I haven't been blog stalking lately.)